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3D design

3-dimensional design

In 3D, almost all imaginary and realistic models can be modeled.

The 3D wire model has a lot in common with 2D. For example the use of almost the same algorithms as in vector drawings and with raster drawings in the rendering phase.

The 3D model is only present in the computer as a model. It only becomes visible as a picture or animation (film) after rendering (generating a digital picture or animation from the 3D model)

3D production in the multimedia includes:

– 3D visualization (in architectural models of architects)
– 3D animation (cartoons, product presentation, etc.)
– 3D graphics (3D image)
– 3D virtual reality (as in MMORPG games and worlds)

Consumers see 3D in many means of communication.

The latest items on the 3D tree are 3D television, 3D Blu-ray and 3D printers.

Is there a need for a 3-dimensional application? Ask us about the possibilities.


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