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Multimedia is seen differently as meaning. One understands multimedia, devices where image and sound can be displayed, such as television, sound system or PC. The other person can mean the range of films and music.

According to Wikipedia, this is multimedia.

To our understanding, multimedia is a collective name for the modern media forms that have been merged into a whole.
These are video, audio, 2- and 3D, animation and text, which can be produced as a part and presented as a whole through websites, DVDs, video games, etc.

For the development of multimedia use is mainly made of electronic tools such as computer and software, audio and video equipment.
For consuming multimedia products one uses, among other things, computers with peripherals, game consoles, mobile phones, pads, TV, DVD players, 3D printers, etc.

As soon as the user can influence the course of the product in any way, one speaks of interactivity.

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