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In order to optimize the operation of this website and to improve it for our visitors, we analyze our website for functionality. However, this is done entirely and solely on the server (s) on which this website is hosted, without using cookies.
Your personal details are not requested and are therefore not collected and managed. If you send an email by means of the contact form, this creates a relationship between you and DACT Multimedia. Your email address will then be registered in a secure system. Under no circumstances will your email address or the information provided in your email message, including any personal data, be shared with third parties.
The moment the relationship between you and DACT Multimedia is terminated and all obligations are met, information and your email address will be deleted from the registration system.


The connection to this website is secured. This can be recognized by the symbol in the address bar which is stated for the address of the website. This symbol is often a padlock.
The information that is exchanged is encrypted with an encryption. In this way, the malicious parties are made difficult, if not impossible, to intercept information traffic.
All users who have access to the back office of this website use “2 way authentication” under very strong passwords. This makes hacking of the website more difficult, if not impossible.

This website is hosted by SiteGround on fast Ngnix / Apache combination servers. SiteGround amply meets the requirements of the GDPR. See this statement from SiteGround about this.


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