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Text and fonts

Texts and letters are important

Text and letters are of aesthetic importance and are therefore an important tool for the Multimedia designer.
Text is the graphical equivalent of speech. However, text has a number of advantages. In addition to being noiseless, text is also easy to manipulate and easy to store. In multimedia productions, large amounts of text information can be used without too much storage space.

Typeface, size and distance are important for the readability of the text. For example, a letter (serif) has excellent parts at the ends and is popular on printed matter. Letters without a scribe (Sans Serif) are more readable on screens, however.

The importance of texts for websites is enormous.
A large part of the World Wide Web consists of texts. There are few websites that do not use text.
Search engines find and appreciate texts. Without web page text, search engines would not be able to value the results and not index and rank them in a logical way.

When writing good communication texts, it comes to language control and creativity. Texts should not be boring but provocative and challenging. Text has to be fascinating and also easy to read.
With a good text you have already achieved a large part of your goal.


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